Hydro Sorb™ manufactured by Fmotion Inc. is a lightweight natural organic absorbent made from 100% Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, absorbs efficiently and completely on contact of the spill.

Hydro Sorb™ offers various benefits:

  • Absorbs hydrocarbons instantly on land and on water.
  • Clean ups are exceptionally quick and easy.
  • Saves time.
  • Leaves no messy residue to clean up.
  • Socks can be used as a boom to contain spills and prevent seepage.
  • Suitable for manual or mechanical cleanup.

Reduce storage and disposal costs

  • Super absorbent!  Use less - less to store and less to dispose.
  • 1 lb. (.45 kg) of loose Hydro Sorb™ absorbs approximately 1 US gallon (4 litres) of oil.
  • 4 ft. socks absorb approximately 2 US gallons of oil.

Minimize environmental hazards

  • Hydro Sorb™ is an all-natural product.
  • Hydro Sorb™ is completely non-toxic in unused state. Use recommended safety procedures for liquids being absorbed.
  • Powerful wicking action prevents the spread of hazardous liquids.
  • Hydro Sorb™ can be used to solidify liquid wastes for safe transport of hazardous material, including PCBs, and as a fill-in around or over pack drums to prevent any serious leaks or environmental damage.

Safer, cleaner working conditions

  • Hydro Sorb™ is an effective product in the suppression of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Socks can be used as a barrier to absorb and contain leaks around machinery.
  • Hydro Sorb™ loose product can be used as a sweeping compound to remove traces of oil on asphalt and concrete surfaces.
  • Non-abrasive and will not damage machinery.

Directions for loose product on land:

  • Spread the Hydro Sorb™ upwind on the spill until all the oil is absorbed.
  • Pour onto the spill from a height of six inches (15cm) to avoid dispersion of absorbent.
  • Sweep up the oil-saturated Hydro Sorb™ using a stiff broom, and place in a suitable container.

On water:

  • Spread manually or mechanically from upwind side of spill. Use screened forks, pool skimmers, rakes, skimmer shovels or suction devices to remove oil-saturated Hydro Sorb™.
  • On flowing water; spread Hydro Sorb™ upstream of a boom to absorb trapped oil.

Hydro Sorb™ Absorbs:

  • Acetone,     Acetronitrile    Amyl Acetate
  • Battery Acid  Benzene       Blood   Butanol  2-Butanone
  • Bromodichloromethane  Bromoform
  • Carbon Disulfide  Carbon Tetrachloride  Chloroform  Chloromethane  Chlorobenzene
  • Cutting Oils    Cvclohexane
  • Dichlorobenzene  1, 2-Dichloroethene   Diesel Fuels
  • Ethanol   Ethylbenzene   Ethyl Ether  Ethylene Glycol
  • Gasoline  Glycerine
  • Heptane  Hexane   Hexachlorobenzene   Hexachlorobutadiene   HexachloroethaneIsobutanol
  • Isopropene   Isopropanol
  • Jet Fuels
  • Kerosene
  • Methanol  Methylene Chloride   Methyl Ethyl Ketone   Methylphenol
  • Motor Oils  Muriatic Acid
  • Napthanlene  2-Nitroaniline  Nitrobenzene
  • Pentane  Pentachlorphenol  Phenol  Propanol
  • Radioactive Waste
  • Styrene
  • Teytrachloroethane  Tetrahydrofuran  Toluene  Trichlorophenoxyacetic Acid
  • Trichloroethylene   Trichlorophenol
  • Varsol   Vinyl Acetate  Vinyl Chloride
  • Xylenes

Who Uses Hydro Sorb™:

  • Airports
  • Beach Cleanup Crews
  • Camp Grounds
  • Car Dealerships
  • Car Manufacturers
  • Car Shows
  • Construction Sites
  • Cruise Ships
  • Environmentalists
  • Factories
  • Farms
  • Fire Departments
  • Food Industry
  • Gas Stations
  • Golf Courses
  • Government
  • Haz Mat Teams
  • Oil Supply Companies
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Hydro
  • Machine Shops
  • Marinas
  • Military
  • Mining
  • Navy
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Oil Refineries
  • Paint Manufacturers
  • Parking Garages
  • Parking Lots
  • Petroleum Industry
  • Pipeline Companies
  • Ports and Harbours
  • Power Plants
  • Railroads
  • Race Tracks
  • Recreational Vehicle Users
  • Retail Outlets
  • Scrapyards
  • Service Garages
  • Shipyards
  • Spill Contractors/Waste Haulers
  • Storage Facilities
  • Subways
  • Tool & Dye Makers
  • Transit Authorities
  • Wind Turbines
  • Transportation Companies & Truckers
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