Hydro Sorb™ is all natural, 100% organic, non-toxic, non-leaching peat absorbent, field proven as high efficient absorbent which encapsulates oil/chemical into internal capillary, and features hydrophobic, provide cost effective and Eco-Friendly clean up solution.

Hydro Sorb™ is supplied in loose-filled bags or double compressed bags.
Bag size can be customer-designed, and labeling.
Currently the popular sizes are 2.2 cu.ft. and 4 cu.ft. double compressed.
Double compress represent, for example, 2 cu.ft. loose volume be compressed (by taking the entrapped air out) down to 1 cu.ft. volume, which save tremendous shipping cost especially for international marine transportation.

Hydro Sorb™ will also be produced and supplied as spill-kit components like Socks, Pads, Booms, full supply ranges will be commercially available in second quarter 2013.

Downstream operation equipment of filter systems, storage devices, incineration systems can also be supplied according to different customers’ unique requirements.

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